Information Technology Consulting

At Bitsoft you find excellent technology solutions and services backed up by a very professional one to one customer service. We are rapidly growing because of our philosophy in making relationship with clients through providing best IT solutions and very reliable customer services. We deliver solutions in the area of eCommerce, Enterprise-wide Resource Planning, and System Integration.

Bitsoft's Project Management Team provides proven leadership, interpersonal and analytical skills to facilitate project development from conceptualization to implementation. Through facilitation and rapid issue resolution, the project team supports the accomplishment of deliverables and the goals of the project.


Commitment to Quality
Bitsoft ensures strict quality control and uses various programs to ensure best quality and services. Bitsoft assembles a varied group of highly skilled professionals to meet your needs. We draw from personnel with expertise in change management, training, project management, technology, supply chain management, customer relationship management, b2b, business intelligence, and support services.